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St. Louis Rams - Quinn and Cudjo Fined for Hits in Win Over Arizona

If fines are a measure of a defense, then Robert Quinn and Jermelle Cudjo having their wallets hit for plays in the Arizona Cardinals game bodes oddly well.

Scott Rovak-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Quinn was hit with a $15,750 fine for a helmet to helmet hit on Kevin Kolb. I'm not sure how the NFL could tell, since Kolb was being beaten roundly about his body on every play? The NFL is getting a bit creative, or at least generous, in calling helmet to helmet hits. Quinn's helmet slide up Kolb's body to the helmet as I recall. How a player is supposed to halt his inertia after contact, or allow for the re-positioning of the player's body once hit is another question.

Defensive tackle Jermelle Cudjo was fined $7,875 (how do they come up with these dollar amounts?). His apparent ripping off the helmet of Kevin Kolb led to his piggy bank being hit for some serious coin. I have to admit, the Cudjo fine doesn't shock me at all. The picture of Kevin Kolb sitting on the turf, - mouth bloodied - made quite a few newspapers across the country. Why the Arizona coaching staff wasn't fined for keeping Kolb in the game is another question I'd love to have answered. Kolb, in the photo I mentioned, was obviously dazed and not for the first time in the game either.

The big winner in the personal foul "$$-Ka-ching" parade was none other than Tennessee Titans' safety Michael Griffin. He was hit for a whopping $21,000 for a helmet to helmet hit on Minnesota receiver Michael Jenkins. If you'd like to read the entire list of "bad boys" for the week, go here.

Just a thought, but does anyone know where all the "Fine" money goes? Is there a charity that gets the money? The team owners maybe, since they may need pocket change...?