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NFL Picks, Week 6: In your heart, you know he's right

Which teams will win this week in the NFL? Glad you asked.

Geoff Burke-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Place you bets! Here are my NFL picks for Week 6, just in time for Thursday night football.

My picks are in bold.

Steelers vs. Titans

God, the Titans are bad. I wonder if Bud Adams sees what Jeff Fisher is doing with the Rams and kicks himself.

Chiefs vs. Buccaneers

The Chiefs defense had a good game against the Ravens last week. I have my doubts that they can do it twice in a row, but the Buccaneers are so underwhelming, they'll probably beat themselves. I'm still going with the Bucs.

Colts vs. Jets

Donald Brown is out, but he was never that good. The Colts also cut Justin King, which has a way of improving any secondary. They also have a ton of momentum and someone named Andrew Luck.

Bengals vs. Browns

It's the Browns. The Bengals have been pretty disappointing themselves, but this is the Browns they're playing.

Lions vs. Eagles

Remember how shitty Philly's defense was last season? Yeah, not this year. It's the only thing keeping Michael Vick from being exposed as a total disaster.

Raiders vs. Falcons

The Raiders might end up with a top pick in the draft, maybe No. 1. They will squander it. Atlanta puts them one step closer to ruin this week.

Rams vs. Dolphins

Come on, who do you think I'm going to pick here? The Rams defense versus a rookie quarterback with receivers that make the receivers in St. Louis look elite ... you know how this one ends.

Cowboys vs. Ravens

Tony Romo, meet Ed Reed. It should be another disaster for the Cowboys, but no team has a better way of losing games they shouldn't and winning the ones where they have no chance.

Bills vs. Cardinals

Man, I thought the Bills were going to be good this year. How wrong I was.

Patriots vs. Seahawks

Seattle's defense is exactly the kind of unit that could give Tawmy fits, a la the Giants. However, they still have to score some points with Russell Wilson and no replacement refs.

Giants vs. 49ers

Game of the week right here, or it should be anyway. The 49ers will probably win because it's the regular season and all that.

Vikings vs. Redskins

The Vikings can play football. Of all the surprising teams, they look like the least fluky. Christian Ponder should have a field day against Haslett's brand of Cover-2.

Packers vs. Texans

Is the sleeping Giant awake after a loss to the Colts last week? Maybe. I still the Texans have the ability to be special.

Broncos vs. Chargers

What if you had a MNF game and nobody came? They will come, because even crummy football games are better than whatever other garbage is on TV that night. The Chargers are bad. The Chargers are coached by Norv Turner. That says it all.