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The St. Louis Rams Shouldn't Take The Dolphins Lightly

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The Rams are 3-2, coming off of an impressive win, but they shouldn't take the Miami Dolphins lightly. Both of these teams could be 4-1, so this game has potential to be a trap game if the Rams aren't carefully.

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The St. Louis Rams will be playing the 2-3 Dolphins this Sunday, in what would seem like an easy game. However, after watching the Dolphins last two games against the Arizona Cardinals and the Cincinnati Bengals, this game doesn't look like a sure win, not like it did two weeks ago.

This Dolphins team is really underrated, this game could go either way, and it wouldn't be a surprise. In the Dolphins last two loses they lost by three points in both games. They only have gotten blown out in one game, which was week one against the Houston Texans.

While I'm not trying to short change the Rams, I do think they will struggle for a couple of reasons. The main reason is the fact that their isn't a reason to assume that the Rams won't struggle without Danny Amendola in the lineup.

If the Rams had Danny Amendola, this game wouldn't worry the Rams as much, but without him, one of the leagues worst offenses, just got a lot worse. It would be great to assume that the Rams will just be able to plug another player in and rely on him, but no one has stepped up yet, could it happen? Maybe, but who will it be? Lance Kendricks? Brandon Gibson, Austin Pettis, Steve Smith, one of the two rookies? Yeah, it will be a struggle.

After reading that, I know what you're thinking, the Rams will just have to run on the Dolphins defense. Well that's concerning also. Manned by defensive tackle Randy Starks who was named AFC Defensive Player of the Week. The Dolphins are the best team in the NFL in defending the run, allowing only 61 yards on the ground, and has gone 19 games without allowing a 100 yard runner.

It might be a stretch to say that the Rams can just rely on the running game based on those facts. It would be surprising if the Rams don't try to run Steven Jackson and Daryl Richardson a lot this week.

The Rams can always rely on their high powered defense and their strong special teams play, everyone knows that's been their winning formula all season, and that most likely won't change Sunday if the Rams are going to win.

However, the Rams will be playing a team that doesn't necessarily depend on passing plays to win games. So far Ryan Tannehill, has only thrown two touchdown passes to 6 interceptions this season. But after watching his last two games has proven that he belongs as a starter, and I think he's good offensive line and his mobility that he showed against the Bengals, moving in the pocket will cause the Rams defense fits.

The Rams could win this game, but with more bad than good going for them, this game has the makings of a close game that could go either way.