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St. Louis Rams DT Michael Brockers is kind to idiots

St. Louis Rams rookie defensive tackle Michael Brockers is a gentle man, capable of talking idiots off the ledge.

Jeff Curry-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Things are getting carried away on social media, just ask Michael Brockers. The St. Louis Rams defensive tackle was ambushed by an Alabama man on Twitter ...

Excuse me a moment, DAYUUUM.

Brockers is a big man, and he is therefore quite jolly, using the physiology learned from television commercials. he took it rather well, since this Milici cat was just kind of messing around with him.

LSU fans, being a rather passionate bunch, were not amused. Neither were Rams fans, sensitive after years of struggling for any kind of credibility.

Bama fan and high school football "legend" Milici soon realized the stupidity of what he had done, which is apparently something of a habit he has on Twitter.

Roll. Damn. Tide.

Alas, Michael Brockers let the budding Paul Finebaum caller-in-training down gently, but only after the kid started sniveling about the mess he made.

Brockers is an important part of the Rams new look defense. He is also kind to idiots.