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Random Ramsdom 10.11.12: Rams vs. Dolphins, Concussions in the NFL, and MLB Playoffs

Good Thursday morning, Rams fans! I hope it finds you well. Today is 10/11/12. Hooray for succession! And speaking of succession, it would only be fitting that you find yourselves a mere four days away from the St. Louis Rams heading to Miami, and hoping to maintain continuity in the ‘win’ department.

Jeff Curry-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Last weeks dominating victory against the Arizona Cardinals marked the first time that the Rams had a winning record since 2006. But when is the last time the Rams won three games in a row? Trick question, actually. It’s the same statistic. In 2006, the Rams beat the Cardinals, Lions, and Packers in sequence, taking them to 4-1 on the season. Through the first six games of that season, they finished 4-2. If the Rams can beat the Dolphins on the road this Sunday, they’ll find themselves in the same proverbial, and streaking, win boat. All aboard!

In Rams News…

Rams at Dolphins Positional Breakdowns: Courtesy of Ramblin Fan

The nice folks over at Ramblin’ Fan highlight the positional match-ups between the St. Louis Rams and Miami Dolphins this weekend. In the first installment, they make comparison between the QB’s and RB’s. Scoring each one based on their potential success in the game, the score is 1-1. We can’t have a tie though, can we Donovan McNabb? Of course not! The second installment features the offensive lines and wide recievers. I’ll let you know that at the end of their analysis, we still find ourselves all tied up, yet the advantages for each may surprise you. Ramblin Fan, I beg of you, please end this tie with a special teams tie-breaker!

Johnny Hekker Finally Gets the Recognition He Deserves

While Greg Zuerlein is busy making kicks that would make Sebastian Janikowski shudder, the rest of the world has taken time from their days to create more and more….and more names for the young Rams kicker. Rightfully so. Last week’s Rookie of the Week award winner [GZ, Greg the Leg, Legatron, etc.], will be high fiving [all toes] his kicking counterpart, Johnny Hekker. Click the link for the stats, and prepare to be astounded. It’s…..Hekker the Homewrecker? Mic checker? Johnny #5 yard line? I give up...

Bleacher Report’s Take On Potential Rookie Pro-Bowlers

I linked one particular page, due to is Ram-ness, so feel free to click the arrows at will to love/hate on the other selections. For this particular Rams rookie, we heard about him before the draft, we heard about him all offseason, he’s played brilliantly through five weeks, and I doubt any of us would be surprised to see him at the Pro-Bowl…or smoking a pro-bowl. Sorry, I had to do it...

Trade For a Wide Receiver?

You’d have to be fresh upon the bandwagon not to know that Danny Amendola got injured last week, and in a very scary, potentially fatal way. The good news is he’s ok, and that he’ll be back sooner than later. I was uncertain, however, that the ‘trade for a wide receiver in his absence’ gossip had began. I have a feeling I know what the coaching staff are thinking, but the fans are voting. Click the link, whatcha think?

CBS Previews the Rams First Road Win… I Mean Game Against Miami

I’ll tell you who’s not on the Rams bandwagon [at least not yet]. It’s CBS. This preview is full of great information that you may or may not know about both squads. It’s got player quotes, statistical date, and personal opinions about strengths and weaknesses for both squads. It’s also got a ‘Picks’ tab… hide yo kids, hide yo wife. In all fairness, the Rams have yet to prove they can win on the road. The last ten seconds of the Lions game kills me every time I have to say/type/write/hear/smell that.

A Football Life: The Fearsome Foursome

I’ll admit, I’m writing this prior to the start of the program, knowing that it’s going to have my full attention for 60 straight minutes. The ‘Fearsome Foursome’ was well before my time, and as a Rams fan, listening to the folks who had the pleasure of seeing this greatness in real-time, has me in enthusiastic anticipation of the show. The link above is more about Deacon Jones than the group as a whole. Please share your stories/experiences in the comments section below. I look forward to discussing what I can gather from a [not long enough] 60 minutes of footage this evening. I’m prepared to be awed. Hope you got to see the show!

ESPN’s AccuScore Previews the Game

‘Both defenses are doing alright.’ And ‘without Danny Am..en..dola,’ because of his separated shoulder [huh?], the Rams stand a 38% chance of scoring 17 points, which gives them a 61% chance of winning. Reggie Bush is forecasted for a ‘BIG GAME’ with 90 rushing yards… yet the screen to the left says he’s ‘forecased.’ Which is it? There is one thing that stands a 100% chance of happening, and that’s that I’ll never watch one of these again.

In Sporting News…

Yahoo! has your Thursday Night Football Preview. The Steelers will be without Troy Polamalu and Lamarr Woodley. It will not matter… they should let others rest, as well.

Week 6back to top "
Pittsburgh at Tennessee 8:20 PM NFL Give CJ2K One LP Field

Cardinals Stomp Nationals At Home

It’s probably no secret, and if it is, I’m a Nationals fan. For the first time in 80 years, the Nats have made it to the postseason, and in pretty unsuspecting fashion. The best team, at least in the regular season, however, has hit a wall. That wall is the defending World Series Champions [and probably a team near and dear to some of your hearts], St. Louis Cardinals. Chris Carpenter was stellar, both on the mound and at the plate. I’ll tell you that regardless of the ideology, Mike Rizzo [Nats GM] is going to suffer some serious backlash for shutting down Stephen Strasburg prior to the onset of the playoffs, and I don’t say that because it’s my thought process. Much like RG3, he’s a player that needs to be preserved for the future, not the now. The series is certainly not over, yet the Nats find themselves in a hole, and I don’t think that Bryce Harper will be the only one ’seeing red’ if the Cardinals end this series in four, at Nats Park. Yours truly will be on hand Thursday for the 4pm game.

The NFL, Concussions, and RG3

I’m not sure how to justify it, and I’m not sure if the league has any say in whether or not a player is eligible based upon a previous head injury diagnosis. It’s no secret that head injuries/concussions are a focus for the NFL right now. What I do know is that RG3 has been cleared to play. Love the guy or hate him, based on personal reasons or Rams-centric draft rationale, you shouldn’t want to see him hurt, and as a fan of the sport, you should want to see this guy performing for years to come. Hot seat? Must win? 4-1 team strolling into town? Shouldn’t matter.

SI’s Don Banks Makes a Bold Statement About Cam Newton

Before the draft, Cam drew comparisons. He drew comparisons both positive and negative. If the ‘mobile QB of the future NFL,’ he was Michael Vick. Otherwise, viewed as a Jamarcus Russell-like fad/mistake. Cam Newton had one of the most impressive performances as a QB in the NFL, and set several rookie records in the process. Athleticism, unquestionable. You’re probably familiar with the term ‘sophomore slump.’ Well, Cam seems to have kicked of his 2012 campaign suffering from that affliction. Don Banks, though, is ready to anoint him another troubled ‘could be’ QB. Having just lost his center for the season probably won’t help matters any.

If You’ve Got A Moment To Spare, Cast Your Vote(s) For The Biggest Douche In All Of Sport

There are some pretty solid Summer’s Eve style douches in here to choose from, and the immediate results of your votes are tallied into the overall results. If it entices you any, Pete Carroll is in there

Plain Ol Random…

And You Were Worried About the Dolphins In Florida

Dolphins, like the one Ray Finkle stole, can be lovable, adorable creatures. The Miami Dolphins, our opponents this Sunday, have a ferocious front seven on defense and have shown that their passing attack can be dangerous. The Rams will look to get the road-loss 'monkey off their back' this weekend, and there’s only one way to do so. Grab it with both hands, and chuck it into a bush...

A Couple Of Lovebirds On A House Hunting Trip In Miami

Dressed to impress! Don’t look now, potential sellers, but we’ve got a couple of serious home-buyers coming through in style! In a relationship that will undoubtedly last forever, these penny-pinchers have their eyes on a bargain. Leather skirt? Check! My grandmother’s sunglasses that cover her regular glasses? Check! Just don’t give a fu.. ensemble? Check!

I’m Rich, Biiiiiiiiiiiiird!

Mitt Romney may want to shut PBS down and throw the giant bird that taught me the alphabet into Oscar’s trash can, but Bird's not worried. Big Bird is a balla…at least now he is. Because he’s movin on up, to the east side, he’s finally got a piece of the pie! Nice plug, Mitt. Big Bird Halloween costumes are sky-rocketing. Kick him and his network to the curb. He bought this truck straight cash. Now he’s got enough cigarettes to last him and his family for the rest of their lives. He’s rich, B

If you’re pickin up what I’m puttin down, follow me @NoPlanB_ . For future purposes, I’ll be discussing the Rams three game winning streak and first road win of the season in next weeks Random Ramsdom. Bet! Go Rams!!!