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Miami Dolphins fans are dropping beats on Jeff Ireland

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Miami Dolphins fans are so happy with their general manager, they're writing songs about him.

Fans of the St. Louis Rams are well acquainted with organizational dysfunction. We survived the Frontiere-Zygmunt-Shaw era and are still digging out of the wreckage of that time. The Miami Dolphins are no closer to sorting out a franchise in decline.

Miami tried to hire Jeff Fisher in January to be their next head coach. Majority owner Stephen Ross even flew him around in a helicopter, but since Jeff Fisher isn't as easily impressed as a high school football player being wooed by Gary Pinkel. The Rams got him instead.

The Dolphins aren't a total disaster, in that they have yet to reach the dumpster fire that is their neighbors to the north in Jacksonville. But they do have Jeff Ireland as their general manager.

There were rumors that Ireland was one factor that helped keep Fisher out of Miami. We'll never know. But we can enjoy this delightful rap tribute to Ireland and the Dolphins.