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Sam Bradford and His Offense Without Danny Amendola

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Sam Bradford, hasn't put up great numbers this season, but his solid play has helped the Rams win three games. Now the stakes are higher, the Rams can't sneak up on teams, and the Rams lost their best player on offense.

Jamie Squire - Getty Images

The last time Sam Bradford played, he was putting up a passing clinic against the Arizona Cardinals during prime time football, easily completing 7 of 21 of his passes and two touchdowns. It was one of those performances, where you have to watch it over and over again.

Sarcasm aside, I thought Bradford had a good game. Not if you're looking at the stats, because 7-of-21 and throwing for less than 200 yards isn't really impressive. But he did what he could to keep the offense functional, which has always been one of my criticisms of him. He moved around the pocket, even scrambling for a first down that was taken away. He didn't blow the game. He wasn't a liability. Hell, he even threw a good deep pass.

That was last game, now the Rams will enter a difficult stretch in which they will play the Dolphins, Packers and Patriots, and then after their bye week the 49ers. Sadly, this will be without Danny Amendola.

Danny Amendola and Sam Bradford were the Rams offense. Bradford trusted Danny when he didn't have anywhere else to turn on a play. That's why Amendola had 32 catches, compared to 26 catches by all the other wide receivers on the roster combined.

It's going to be difficult to imagine the Rams roster without Amendola, but the Rams will have to compensate for his absence somehow. More then likely Amendola's injury will result in the return of Steve Smith, who's been inactive the last two weeks. I expect to see the rookie duo get a lot more playing time. Without Amendola, the Rams will be worried more about matchups then usual.

It will take a collective effort by the Rams receivers to overcome the lost of Amendola. We saw how Bradford looked without Amendola on Thursday night.

Defenses will pay attention to Chris Givens deep, and teams will put 8 in the box against the Steven Jackson. So there goes the Rams plans without Amendola.

The Dolphins game will be a good indicator on how the Rams offense will play the rest of the season. It's not looking rosy since the Rams were 29th on offense with Amendola, but losing him could be a blessing in disguise for another player looking to break out.