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St. Louis Rams send Seattle Seahawks packing in 19-13 win

The St. Louis Rams leaned on their defense and special teams in a tightly contested win over the Seattle Seahawks in Week 4.

The St. Louis Rams turned to a what's become a tried and true formula this season. They leaned on their defense and got big contributions from the special teams unit to pull off an important division win over the Seattle Seahawks.

For a team that was expected make only marginal gains this year as they crawled back from the wreckage of the Frontiere Era, they sure are playing some tough football.

The only major quibble you can take from this win is that the Rams offense hasn't scored a touchdown since Week 2 at home against the Washington Redskins. Then again, the Packers scored just one touchdown and only 12 points in their game against Seattle.

Closer to home, the Rams are now tied with the Cardinals at 1-0 in NFC West play. Things could change dramatically on Thursday night, even though Arizona is bringing a 4-0 record to town with them.

Have a look at the video above as we take a look back on the game with the view from both sides.