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Rams injury report: Eugene Sims has a concussion

The St. Louis Rams suffered one notable injury in this week's game against the Seahawks.

Dilip Vishwanat - Getty Images

The St. Louis Rams took another hit to their defensive line during Sunday's win over the Seattle Seahawks. Defensive end Eugene Sims suffered a concussion. Though it's described as a "mild concussion," the NFL doesn't leave much room for the those kind of distinctions these days, and Sims will likely miss this Thursday's game against the Arizona Cardinals.

Michael Brockers also aggravated his ankle injury, but a little tape and he was back on the field to finish the game.

This week's game was one of the more physical tilts the Rams have played this season. That's not a big surprise considering the division rivalry and the style of play that characterizes both teams. The Rams were fortunate not sustain any further injuries.

As for the other, already injured players, keep an eye on Matt Conrath, the rookie defensive tackle. He practice some early last week, but was not able to play. With Sims out, the Rams could use another hand on the defensive line.