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Another Jeff Fisher Update? Yes.

What good is a 24-hour, minute-by-minute news cycle if you haven't had a Jeff Fisher update in at least three hours? We're sort of ashamed. Sort of. Surprisingly enough there isn't much news to report, other than a handful of anecdotal stuff trickling in from various places.

Nobody really knows, not even Fisher from the sound of things. He's walled up with his family considering his options between the St. Louis Rams and the Miami Dolphins.

Yesterday, Jay Glazer of Fox Sports said that he "would be shocked" if Fisher didn't pick the Rams. Of course, that got twisted and trans-mutated into a report that Fisher would indeed pick the Rams, but that's not what Glazer said at all.

This morning on SportsCenter, Adam Schefter went the other way, south. "The sense I'm getting around the league is that Miami has a slight advantage right now," he said on the air. For reason Fisher would be leaning Miami, we don't know.

News crews from the NFL Network have set up shop at Rams Park, provoking some to wonder if a decision isn't coming today. With Fisher likely to announce later this week, the TV trucks will start showing up now, if they aren't already there. I suspect it's the same in Miami.

Peter King said this morning in his MMQB column that he expects Fisher to make a decision by Thursday.

Finally, if you're looking for something that's probably most in line with reality, Mike Silver of Yahoo! says Fisher is truly "50-50" between both teams.

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