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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Wide Receiver Or Bust!

The latest and greatest 2012 NFL Mock Draft is out over at the SB Nation flagship. This one reflects the further refined draft order which got a little more sorting after this weekend's Wild Card round of the NFL playoffs. Of course, the St. Louis Rams have been settled into the second spot since the closing minutes of the season. What will they do with that second overall pick?

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In this mock draft they grab Oklahoma State WR Justin Blackmon. There's already a debate about who is the top receiver in the draft, with Michael Floyd and Alshon Jeffery also getting some buzz. The Rams have lots of needs, and Matt Kalil might be a better pick here in terms of the draft spot and his talent level. I stand by my belief that the Rams need help at wide receiver.

Ideally, they'll be trading down. Looking at Cleveland's picks in the first round makes them a very attractive trade partner. The Rams could nab Blackmon, or another receiver of their choosing, with the fourth pick, and then fill another need with the 22nd pick, which Cleveland got from Atlanta in the Julio Jones deal.

There is the distinct possibility that Cleveland doesn't trade up in the draft. They don't exactly have a roster loaded with talent, and those picks could do wonders to move that franchise forward, finally. In that case, the other suitors would still give the Rams a similar haul, but probably not the two first rounders this year that the Browns have.

Washington's sixth pick or Miami's ninth pick would be fine spots to draft a wide receiver, and they might even be able to snatch Blackmon or whoever is considered the top guy.

It's going to be an interesting year for the Rams in the draft.