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Jeff Fisher: No Decision Until Tuesday Or Wednesday

Jeff Fisher came to St. Louis on Sunday and left after spending about four hours visiting with the St. Louis Rams. He even took some time to visit with Sam Bradford. The only question left to answer is whether or not he'll return to St. Louis on a more permanent basis. Or will he choose Miami?

Fisher's visit reportedly went very well. He liked what the Rams have to offer according to a report in the Post-Dispatch. That includes the nucleus of players here, an owner willing to build a winner, the team structure and the chance to hire whatever assistants he wants at whatever costs. He's said to want to reunite with Gregg Williams, the current New Orleans DC, and Dave McGinnis, the current linebackers coach in Tennessee.

The one hang up is a question about the team's future beyond 2014, when the lease on the Ed Jones Domes reaches an out clause that could allow the team to flee. Fisher reportedly does not want to go through the disruption of a move again like he did when the Oilers left Houston for Tennessee.

A decision is not expected from Fisher until Tuesday or Wednesday.

Another thing worth noting is that Miami has already started to look at other coaching candidates. The Rams interviewed Cardinals DC Ray Horton, and that's it.