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Reading The Tea Leaves On Jeff Fisher

The Jeff Fisher talk is heating up again today. Conventional wisdom is starting to gel around the idea that Fisher will pick the St. Louis Rams as his next head coaching gig, over the Miami Dolphins, the only other suitor in the running. There's also some buzz about the Rams search for a GM, that makes for some good tea leaf reading.

And let's be clear, it's mostly tea leaf reading at this point.

Jay Glazer reported on Sunday's Fox Sports pregame show that he believes Fisher will end up with the Rams, part of the cascade of voices expressing that belief. Fisher is at Rams Park today, and Tony Softli is on stake out, tweeting with delight at each SUV that drives by the parking lot. I somehow imagine a Popeye Doyle like stake out, with gritty gas station joe. Somehow, I suspect it's more Jacque Clouseau than Popeye Doyle, but hat tip to Softli for working the beat on a Sunday.

Another sign, the Dolphins are preparing for a rejection from Fisher. According to Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post, that's the thinking from the Dolphins as they turn their eyes to other candidates, including Falcons offensive coordinator Mike Mularky.

Will Carroll at also reports that the Rams are getting close to a deal with Lake Dawson, of the Titans, as their next GM.