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Jeff Fisher Visits Rams Park Today - Meeting with Sam Bradford in Afternoon

Good morning and welcome to another edition of Jeff Fisher mania. Yesterday there were rumors that Fisher was indeed close to selecting his choice, between the Dolphins and Rams. He also went duck hunting yesterday. Nothing can clear a man's head better than sitting in a duck bllind with a duck call.

Looks like he bagged some ducks!

That duck hunting trip may have swayed him toward the Rams as Tony Softli has confirmed reports that Jeff Fisher is meeting with Sam Bradford this afternoon. For what, we don't know. Perhaps he has made his choice and wants to talk to Sam before he 100% commits? Perhaps he hasn't decided but wants to meet Sam first before he jumps in with both feet?

Of course, Fisher is scheduled to be in St Louis today for a "look see" after meeting with Stan Kroenke in Denver last week.

Typically when a coach wants to meet with a specific player (particularly a cornerstone) it's usually pretty telling on how serious that coach is about coming to the team. Similar to a coach calling a player on draft day.

Could Fisher be announced as the next Rams head coach soon? We'll all know shortly i'm sure. Stay tuned and we'll let you know more as we hear it.

Small Update: Other reports coming in saying that Fisher will likely bring current NO DC Gregg Williams with him wherever he goes. Williams is in his last year of his contract as the Saints DC. The Rams did interview Cardinals DC Ray Horton friday, and said they were very impressed.

Another Update: Jay Glazer now reporting he'd be "shocked" if Fisher isn't the Rams new head coach within the next 48 hours.