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Bengals Vs. Texans, AFC Wild Card: Game Thread

The NFL playoffs start today. No, the St. Louis Rams didn't somehow sneak in with their 2-14 record, but there's still some great football to seen. In fact, it's the kind of football many Rams fans wouldn't recognize after six years of Rams football.

The first game on the fight card today is a great one. The Houston Texans host the Cincinnati Bengals in a battle of rookie quarterbacks and great defenses. I'm personally pretty pumped to see this game.

Related: A look at the battle of the rookie QBs today. How did the Texans turn it around?

The game starts at 2 p.m. Central time, so get the beer on ice and get ready. As usual you can get highlights from the game, updates, news, etc. right here in the SBN story stream.

I'm going to go and convince my wife - I started this at 1 p.m. - to let me watch the game, despite her protestations about the Rams season being over and whatnot.