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What Jeff Fisher Would Bring to the St Louis Rams

You know it, you love it, how's about another heaping helping of Jeff Fisher to start your day before the playoff games?

Late yesterday it was reported by Howard Blazer that Jeff Fisher was close to picking the St Louis Rams as his team of choice to coach next season (and many more?).

With that news heating up the air waves, I wanted to talk a little bit about what this could mean for the Rams moving forward, and also about what Fisher will bring to an organization that has been desperate for an experienced Head Coach for quite some time.

Let's face it, the last two head coaches have had 0 head coaching experience. Yes, ZERO. Instead of experience, the Rams seemed to hold try outs. If the Rams land Fisher, Stan Kroenke would make a major statement on just how serious he is about revitalizing the Rams organization, point blank.

Other than Kroenke solidfying his status, what else would it mean to the Rams if they landed Fisher? What would be bring to the Rams?

Before We dive in, I want to say that I believe (while he is a damn good football coach) that Jeff Fisher is a bit overrated. By that, I mean that the media circus is ridiculous. He is a good football coach, not a god. He just happens to be the best available at this time. Am I ok with that? Hell yea! I think the guy would do an outstanding job.

OK with that said, after the jump we'll look at some of the things that Jeff Fisher would bring to the Rams.

1. Experience

This has to be number one. As stated above, the last two Rams head coaches were rookies, and look how that panned out. Fisher has 17 years head coaching experience. Yes, 17 years.

Even though one would argue his overall win % isn't that impressive (.542) you have to keep in mind that in his first 3 seasons when the Titans were the Houston Oilers, it has been said that they were in shambles during the transition.. they didn't have a decent practice facility (played on mud basically) and were holding meetings in trailers.

It wasn't a very good environment, yet in 1999 he took the Titans to the Superbowl. Point is, he seems to ALSO have experience in turning things around. Plus take into account he is 5-6 in the playoffs, which while isn't outstanding, still shows more experience as well.

He lost in 1999 to the Rams (Superbowl by one yard from tying), Ravens in 2000 (uhhh defense anyone?), 2002 to the Raiders (they had a stout offense that year), 2003 to the Patriots (dynasty), 2007 to the Chargers (not a push over), and the Ravens in 2008 who still had a pretty stout defense and improved offense. I know, you gotta find a way, but hey the point is he's been there done that.

2. Emotion

I know, we're all fond of the Spags hand clap and it will be missed, but i'm talking about RAW emotion. If the Rams land Fisher, look for some activity on the sidelines particularly with the officials.

Fisher won't stand for bad calls and will get in their grills with no hesitation. You'll also see plenty of hugging and encouragement going on as players leave the field. But if a player screws up, he will hear about it too.

That's Jeff Fisher. Picture Pete Carroll without the gum, a mustache, and about 50% less running up and down the sidelines. That's what you'll see on Sunday's.

3. Pedigree

Even though I hate this word because it sounds like i'm talking about dog food, I guess it's the only one I can think of. Fisher has some serious experience working under some of the top head coaches in NFL history.

In 1985 he was an assistant defensive coach to one Buddy Ryan in Chicago. "Da... Bears!". When Ryan left the Bears to coach the Eagles after winning the Superbowl, Fisher went with him and became the Eagles defensive backs coach.

In 1988 Fisher was promoted to defensive coordinator at the young age of 30. In 1989 the Eagles defense led the NFL in interceptions (30) and sacks (62). In 1991 he worked under John Robinson as the Rams defensive coordinator, and the next two seasons he worked as defensive backs coach for the Niners.

Uhhh Bill Walsh / George Seifert anyone?

4. Respect

I'm not stating that Spags brought no respect here. I'm just stating that Fisher brings a helluva lot more. Just referencing the above names, coupled with the years he has in the league will garner attention not just from officiating crews, but from players as well. Having Fisher in town could sway players to want to come here, and/or stay here.

5. Real Answers at Press Conferences

Nothing tweaked my chain more than hearing Spags on the podium talking about 'Effort" and how guys battled until the end. We got it Spags.. we know... I think after week 2 you could put that to bed. With Fisher, you won't get that. If it was poor coaching, you'll hear it. If it was bad execution. You'll hear it. If it was poor officiating, guess what? You'll hear it... and so will the officials. No BS, just flat out real answers. Hell this alone may be reason to sign him. <snicker>