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Patriots And Chiefs Have Asked For Permission To Interview Josh McDaniels

In news that won't shock you, the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs have asked the St. Louis Rams for permission to speak with Josh McDaniels. Whether or not the Rams have granted those two teams permission to talk to McDaniels is unknown.

McDaniels has been linked to the Chiefs since they fired head coach Todd Haley late in the season. McDaniels is part of the New England diaspora that includes Chiefs GM Scott Pioli. He would most likely be a candidate for the offensive coordinator position with the Chiefs. A recent report said that Pioli considered him for the head coaching gig, but it was impossible to sell to fans and ownership.

New England has an opening at offensive coordinator now that Bill O'Brien has been hired as the next head coach at Penn State. McDaniels held the position before being hired by the Broncos as head coach in 2009.

As for his situation with the Rams, it's been described by team COO Kevin Demoff as "fluid." McDaniels is the only coach under contract beyond February. There were rumors that the Rams would like to hang on to McDaniels. Quarterback Sam Bradford said on Monday, the day Spagnuolo was fired, that he would like for McDaniels to stick around this season.

But Bradford doesn't get to make that decision. The new head coach does, and Jim Thomas said that if Jeff Fisher is hired, then he would most likely not keep McDaniels, based on their differing offensive philosophies.