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Random Ramsdom 1/6: Jeff Fisher Talk!!


Hey everybody! As you all know, Jeff Fisher interviewed with the Rams over the last couple of days. Right now it seems to be between the Rams and the Dolphins for the services of the Titans ex-coach. Fisher said he expects to make a decision soon. It's tough to judge who is the front runner between the Dolphins and the Rams. Experts are reporting that he is leaning towards the Rams, but then say that Sam Bradford's presence might lead him to St. Louis. Time will tell what happens with the Rams and Jeff Fisher. For now let's get to other news.

Rams GM search

The Rams will be interviewing two young directors of player personnel in Eric DeCosta of the Ravens and Les Snead of the Falcons. These are two young rising stars in the NFL front office ranks and both would be worthy of the job. One thing is for certain, the Rams seem to be leaning toward hiring a young GM, possibly to work under an experienced coach like Fisher?

Should the Rams keep Josh McDaniels?

Derek Pease has a nice piece over at Ramsherd that you should read on that topic.

Dolphins vs. Rams: What's a better job?

Bernie Miklasz of the Post Dispatch breaks down where the two teams stand right now. Of the eight categories he used (owners, recent trends, FO operation, QB and draft picks, salary cap, lifestyle, roster and division standing), he gave the Rams the edge in 5 of them. Good stuff from Bernie as always.

That's all for today. Have a good one and GO RAMS!!