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St. Louis Rams front office updates

Today has been a really slow day.

As usual, the Rams aren't transparent and the only interview it seems the Rams have done so far is the one with Jeff Fisher.

The Rams have new GM prospects one of them is the Arizona Cardinals Director of Player Personnel Steve Keim, the Rams have asked for permission to speak with him, but it hasn't been reported if they have been granted with permission yet.

They have been given permission to interview Director of Player Personnel Ryan Grigson from the Eagles. Right now, with all the general manager interviews the Rams have scheduled, it seems that if the Rams don't get Fisher, they probably will have a GM first.

Speaking of Fisher, it seems that he will be a head coach, sometime early next week.

I'm told Jeff Fisher believes he'll have made a choice by early next week. I'm also told there's a surprise team entering the mix. Mike Freeman CBS Sports

Who is the surprise team? Who knows, if it's my guess it's the Dallas Cowboys, but that's just my guess.

Also, that's not the only news about Jeff Fisher today. Jim Thomas had this to report.

If Rams do end up hiring Jeff Fisher as head coach, league sources say he probably would not retain Josh McDaniels as offensive coordinator

After last season, you can't blame Fisher if he wants to bring in another offensive coordinator. If Josh Mcdaniel's is fired where could he end up? Just like the head coach he was under last season, he could end up on an old team he coached, the New England Patriots.

Why would he end up back on the Patriots? Bill O'Brien, the Patriots offensive coordinator is heading to Penn State to become their new head coach. Unless Bill Belichick has groomed another offensive coordinator it would seem like Josh and Bill would be together again.


Turns out that the Rams are interviewing more general managers, in addition to the ones I named, and the ones that were named yesterday.

Arizona's Steve Keim, Philadelphia' Ryan Grigson, Miami's Brian Gaine, NY Jets' Joey Clinkscales, and Indianapolis' Tom Telesco. - Jim Thomas