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2012 NFL Draft Notes: Jonathan Martin, Alshon Jeffery

Fans around here know the drill. With another disappointing St. Louis Rams season in the books, the head coach and GM seach isn't the only thing on our minds lately. The 2012 NFL Draft is four months away, which means we're right in the home stretch for the die hard draftniks. A couple of interesting reports out today that are worth mentioning.

South Carolina wide receiver Alshon Jeffery declared for the draft today, making it official. There aren't many prospects that evoke as much debate as Jeffery. After a big season in 2010, his 2011 season was mediocre, 49 catches, 762 yards and eight touchdowns.

Jeffery has high ceiling, and some argue that he's among the best receivers in this year's draft class, ahead of Justin Blackmon even. He's big, 6'4" 233 lbs, and has good hands, but he has big character questions. 3k talked about Jeffery a little the other night on Turf Show Radio, and we'll be talking about a lot more down the road.

Wes Bunting over at the National Football Post looked another prospect that's likely to get picked in the first round, Stanford OT Jonathan Martin. Martin's in the second tier of tackles in the draft, below Matt Kalil, and probably below Riely Reiff too.

Martin's probably a guy who would be in play for the Rams if they had a lower pick in the first round, like, say, from trading down. Anyway, Bunting gives him a mediocre report. He sees an more finesse tackle, a guy that could struggle with pass rushers. It's a good read.