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Decision Coming For Jeff Fisher

It's been a busy week for Jeff Fisher. The belle of the head coaching candidate ball has been wooed by both the Miami Dolphins and the St. Louis Rams, in a manner befitting the courtship rituals of Southern aristocracy. Out of all this a decision should be coming soon, Peter King of reports that a decision should be coming within the next 48 hours.

Of reports are to be believed, and there does seem to be a critical mass of them, the decision for Fisher is between the Dolphins and the Rams. So which one is it?

Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune says that Fisher leans toward the Fish, intimating with a cleverly placed '$' that the money will take him to South Beach (personally, I'd head to South Beach for the well tanned ladies, but that's just me). Pompei's report smacks of the media negotiations that have been common the dance for Fisher's services over the last 24 hours, which isn't to discount the possibility of making a decision based on cold hard cash.

Another key fact of the timeline worth noting, these reports about Fisher leaning toward Miami are trickling out before he's interviewed with the Rams. If that doesn't scream public bargaining, I don't know what does, whether it's coming from Fisher's people, Stephen Ross in South Florida or both.

Whether the Rams land Fisher or not, at least we'll have something else to occupy the media cycle in just 48 short hours.