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Rams Vs. Dolphins For Jeff Fisher

This much we know, Jeff Fisher will return to the sidelines in the NFL next year as a head coach. Which team he will coach is still unknown, but more and more it looks as if it will either be the St. Louis Rams or the Miami Dolphins. Mike Silver at Yahoo and Adam Schefter at ESPN, and surely others, have all said so.

Fisher interviewed with the Dolphins earlier in the week. He is in the process of interviewing with Rams owner Stan Kroenke and others from the team in Denver, wrapping things up on Thursday.

That the interview is taking place in Denver is likely to provide ample fodder for talk radio, message boards and the other levels of Hell. It shouldn't. Kroenke owns, er, his son owns two professional sports teams in Denver and a host of facilities that complement those businesses. If Fisher is as concerned with the organization and structure of team, what better way to show him Kroenke's approach than by giving him a look at those organizations. It's also a chance for Kroenke to lavish Fisher on his home court, and remember, the Dolphins made it quite clear, even treating Fisher to a helicopter ride, that they won't be outspent for the head coach or on throwing resources at the team.

Another factor to consider is, as Bernie Miklasz pointed out, they can do it outside the watchful eye of the local media. Of course, this being St. Louis, that means Fisher would not have to answer any questions about the Cardinals or comparisons to Tony LaRussa.

Other suitors could always jump into the mix, and Indianapolis and Chicago have been mentioned as possibilities, with one report even suggesting that Fisher considers coaching the Bears a dream job. All this talk about upping the stakes could also help lure those teams into the fray, firing their head coaches and giving chase for Fisher.

Some think a decision could come by Friday. Stay tuned, and be sure to follow us on Twitter @TurfShowTimes.