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2011-12 Bowls: Discover Orange Bowl open thread (West Virginia v. Clemson)

I promised the shortest intro ever. Open thread after the jump.

2012 Discover Orange Bowl

Discover Orange Bowl, (West Virginia v. Clemson), 8:30pm - ESPN


- my preview

- Mocking the Draft notes

- the SBN StoryStream

- the EDSBS 35 for 35 show (with Luke Zimmerman)

- Bill C's stat-heavy preview and prediction

- The Smoking Musket, the SBN community for fans of West Virginia

- Shakin' the Southland, the SBN community for Clemson fans

There's going to be tons of points scored, so even if you know nothing about the prospects or teams you should be entertained. And yes, Dabo and Dana are two of the most entertaining coaches as well.

So if you're going to watch tonight, drop some notes here. Does West Virginia junior wideout Tavon Austin (#1) look athletic enough to be the kind of playmaker Rams fans are clamoring for? How about speedy Clemson junior RB Andre Ellington (#23)?