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Jeff Fisher Rumors: It's Between The Dolphins And The Rams; Miami Says It Won't Be Outbid

The bidding for Jeff Fisher is going up, up, up ...
The bidding for Jeff Fisher is going up, up, up ...

The Jeff Fisher rumors are blocking out the sun for anyone else trying to squeeze into the rumor mill this week. The latest and greatest on Fisher is two-fold. First, Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald is reporting that the Dolphins will not be outbid for Fisher. Adam Schefter at ESPN cites league sources who say that it's either the St. Louis Rams or the Dolphins that will land Fisher, with the Rams having an edge.

The Herald report cites a source close to Ross, who has a history of bungling attempts to lure head coaches. Last year, he took a team plane to court Jim Harbaugh, despite the fact that Tony Sparano was still the team's head coach. Obviously, the Dolphins did not land Harbaugh, and ended up giving Sparano a contract extension that made it even more expensive to fire him this season.

If you're thinking that Ross' moves chasing head coaching candidates belie the little tidbit in the report from Mike Silver about the Dolphins' organization being an attractive destination because of the team structure and their willingness to do what it takes to win, you might be right.

Salguero's report notes that Fisher has concerns about the team structure. Hmm, hard to imagine. Remember, in Miami, Fisher would be working with GM Jeff Ireland. In St. Louis, he'd likely get a say in picking the next GM. That's an issue that has been mentioned previously in the discussion of Fisher choosing Miami or St. Louis.

More and more, it smells like the Yahoo report emerged from the Dolphins' people. They're making it clear that they'll pay more than any other suitor, or, as PFT suggests, it could be an effort to scare away other teams interested in Fisher.

It's definitely a reminder to be skeptical about what you read when it comes to these rumors.