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2011-12 Bowls: Discover Orange Bowl preview (West Virginia v. Clemson)

2012 Discover Orange Bowl

Discover Orange Bowl, (West Virginia v. Clemson), 8:30pm - ESPN

What's that? You need a geographically inaccurate (and that's being nice) intro from the Worldwide Leader in *fart*? Well why didn't ya say so:

"What" is right, friend.

- What happens when you put Dana Holgorsen and Dabo Swinney on the same field? Lotsa touchdowns and lotsa happiness.

- What do I do when faced with two of the best mascots in all of sports - The Mountaineer:


and the Clemson Tiger who is always high on something:


- What players should Rams fans be looking at for WVU? It's a bit ironic that an offensive powerhouse's best prospect is on the defensive side of the ball - DE (though a potential 3-4OLB in the NFL) Bruce Irvin. Freshman RB Dustin Garrison tore his ACL in practice last week, so look for the Mountaineers to open things up even more. That means big opportunities for WRs Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey.

- What about Clemson? This year, it's all about the D-line -- DT Brandon Thompson and DEs Andre Branch and Malliciah Goodman. But if you haven't seen WR Sammy Watkins, you need to.

Rams player of interest: WR Tavon Austin, WVU (Jr.) just slightly ahead of RB Andre Ellington, Clemson (RS Jr.)

Final score: Clemson 51, West Virginia 47