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Playoff Fantasy Football Draft

Welcome to the first ever Turf Show Time Playoff Fantasy Football Draft. It's going to be a battle Royal between Team TST, the winner of the NFL Picks against the point spread series, and Ryan Van Bibber, Mike D and Brick Top. Even though Team TST has the first pick in the draft, it's long odds against us winning against some of the most football savvy people around.

Mike D is the TST Fantasy Guru, so he's forgotten more than I know about drafting a competitive team. Brick Top is a football wunderkind in his own right, and then there is... Van Bibber! Some say he was inspiration for the character "Lord Voldemort" in J.K. Rowling's famous Harry Potter series? What he doesn't know is that I have a lighting shaped scare on my... Uh, never mind. But suffice it to say if he wins, I'll be showing it to my computer screen.

This Draft will be a tough one. Many of the best players are on teams with first round byes, so we may be building two teams: one out of less than likely first round winners, and a second team to see us through to the Super Bowl. The winner will be decided by the highest overall point total.

How about a few suggestions on who you would pick?

So welcome all to this draft of drafts! The guidelines and draft order after the break...

Rules and scoring for the TST Playoff FF league

The Draft:

Picks are decide by final season win percentage in the NFL Weekly Picks post. Highest % gets the 1st pick and so on.

You may not pick players on the same team with consecutive picks. Example: If you take Aaron Rodgers with your 1st pick, you can't pick another Packer player with your second pick. You have to wait for your 3rd pick to take another Packer player. This holds true for every round.

The first 4 rounds will have only 1 minute draft clocks. Rounds 5 through 10 will have 2 minute clocks. Rounds 11 through 24 will have 3 minute clocks.

QBs - 3

RBs - 5

WRs - 7

TEs - 3

K - 3

Def teams (includes STs for that team) - 3

Player elimination:

Once the team a player is on loses, that position on the roster is dead. You can't add players after the draft.


All TDs - 6 points

FGs - 3

Xps - 1

Yardage for Runs, passes and receptions will be calculated this way: 1 yard = 1/10 of a point (10 yards = 1 point, 100 yards = 10 points)

Because of difficulty, there will be no reduction for lost yardage

Roster deadline:

Because the lineups will be featured in a post each week, all rosters must be sent to me by Thursday in any given week.

The Draft Order:

1st - Team TST

2nd - Mike D.

3rd - Ryan Van Bibber

4th - Brick Top

The Draft opens at 7pm EST