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Rams Have Not Yet Scheduled An Interview With Jeff Fisher

It's been about 48 hours since the St. Louis Rams fired head coach Steve Spagnuolo and GM Billy Devaney. Since those firings and the Monday afternoon press conference from Rams COO Kevin Demoff, it's been quiet. Naturally, the rumor mill has filled the vacuum, and the name that keeps coming up in connection with the Rams is Jeff Fisher.

On Monday, Demoff denied early rumors that the Rams had an interview lined up with Fisher, while still leaving the door open for the possibility of the team pursuing him. Tony Softli reported today on Twitter that team and league sources said that the Rams do not have a "date or time" for an interview with Fisher.

Fisher's name is a popular one, the most popular one right now. He interviewed with the Dolphins on Tuesday, and there are rumors about him being a potential candidate in Indianapolis, depending on what Jim Irsay does with Jim Caldwell. No one's ruling him out in Kansas City either, but the conventional wisdom there still says Romeo Crennel is the next head coach.

The Miami Herald jumped in on the Demoff-Fisher connection - Kevin Demoff's father Marvin is Fisher's agent - following the Dolphins' interview with Fisher. Essentially, Armando Salguero suggests that the Rams don't need to wait in line to talk to Fisher, much less go through the full interview and vetting process.

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