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Philadelphia Made Steve Spagnuolo An Offer He Refused

The rumor mill placed Steve Spagnuolo back with the Philadelphia Eagles long before the St. Louis Rams canned him as their head coach. Weeks went by and the rumors continued, even as he was interviewing in Indianapolis and New Orleans. He never did end up in Philly again, but it's not because a lack of effort from Andy Reid and the Eagles.

Reid said in a Tuesday press conference that he offered Spagnuolo a job. Jeff McLane at the Philadelphia Inquirer has the details. What exactly that position was, Reid never said. Whatever the job was, Spagnuolo would have been working with Juan Castillo, the incumbent Eagles defensive coordinator. Apparently that was a deal breaker for Spagnuolo, understandably so.

Reid said that that Castillo and Spagnuolo paired together would have been a great team. Until that whole "wide nine" thing drove a wedge between them.

Spagnuolo took the defensive coordinator position with the New Orleans Saints. He replaced Gregg Williams who was hired as the Rams defensive coordinator by Spagnuolo's replacement, Jeff Fisher.