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Rams Hire John Fassel As Speical Teams Coach

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It's being reported by various websites that cover the Oakland Raiders, that John Fassel will be joining the Rams as their new special teams coach. This should be a great hire for the Rams, he creates good blocking schemes and even had a kicker throw for a touchdown.

This is what Bill Williamson from ESPN had to say about him.

The Raiders have had one of the best special teams in the NFL in recent years. Fassel was a strong coach, but the talent remains for Oakland in this area.

He will be replacing the Rams former special teams coordinator Tom McMahon. It's not Tom's fault the special teams were down this season. The whole team played horrible, but bringing Fassel to the team should mean that the play of the special teams will improve.

If the Rams want Fassel to be successful here, they will have to give him some more speed at returner. We all seen how important special teams were in the 49ers and Giants game in the NFC Championship. This hiring and adding more players should make the Rams special team a good unit.

Let's just hope that Fassel doesn't have to rely on Greg Salas and Austin Pettis to return kicks this season.

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Fassels' special team unit has led the NFL two straight seasons in takeaways (10) and turnover margin (7). Also led the league with 26 total points in 2010.