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2011-12 Bowls: Allstate Sugar Bowl preview (Michigan v. Virginia Tech)...and now open/overnight thread

2012 Allstate Sugar Bowl

Allstate Sugar Bowl, (Michigan v. Virginia Tech), 8:30pm - ESPN

New Orleans is a wonderful city. It's great for, let's say, culture. It's great for culinary exploration. It's also great for football. There's a reason the Superdome hosts every big football game it can every so often - the stadium and the city craft the perfect environment for a fantical love of everything football. It's the kind of environment where a person can walk around wearing argyle-patterned pants with a drink in one hand, the other stuffed in a pocket with a dead wolverine on one's head while the sun is still up, and not a single person will notice.

On the field, there's good talent to scout. Michigan's best prospects are along the lines both defensive and offensive. While C David Molk is, IMO, the best the Wolverines have to offer, DT Mike Martin, DL Ryan Van Bergen, DE Craig Roh and OT Taylor Lewan will all factor in on day 3. It's pretty obvious to see why Michigan boasts one of the best running games and defenses in the country.

The Hokies match the Wolverines in production, but where Michigan plays a power game with an athletic QB, Virginia Tech sacrifices power for athleticism across the depth chart. Their star RB, David Wilson, could well be a late 1st round pick if his offseason goes well. Jayron Hosley is one of the best corners in the nation from a conference that is quickly becoming a pipeline for teams looking to improve their secondary. Jarrett Boykin is versatile enough that he could find himself a starter at WR in the NFL when the 2012 season rolls around.

I'll have the open thread up later.

Rams player of interest: RB David Wilson, Va. Tech (Jr.)

Final score: Michigan 17, Virginia Tech 16