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Turf Show Radio - Tonight at 8:00pm ET


No head coach, no problem. Van and I are back on the podcastwaves tonight at 8pm ET to recap the chaos with an eye toward the 2012 NFL Draft and that precious second pick.

So this is the perfect chance to make your case. Why do you, or don't you, want Jeff Fisher? Are you broodin' for Gruden (and if so, just don't say it like that)? Who's your wild card that you'd like to see get the job?

Call us at (724) 444-7444, enter the show ID and pound symbol (97249#), and then enter your TalkShoe ID (if you don't have one, enter 1# to call in as a guest). (NOTE: Smiff620's FanPost explains how to get on the show and in the chat room as well as anyone could. Smiff's kind of the unofficial chat room MC.)

Of course, you can always get at us on Twitter during the show. Van's always got an eye out on @TurfShowTimes, and among all the things that make me swear randomly, I do yak up the Rams at @3k_.

So get at us tonight. An era has ended for the Rams and as a new one begins, we'll cover from front to back, side to side and every other angle possible here at TST.