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Random Ramsdom, 1/3: Stan Kroenke's Team

The St. Louis Rams made some big changes yesterday. What happens now?
The St. Louis Rams made some big changes yesterday. What happens now?

Yesterday was a big one for the St. Louis Rams. The team took the first steps toward a new direction. While most of the chatter will now focus on who the team will bring in to fill the head coach and general manager jobs, it should be noted that this is now unquestionably Stan Kroenke's team. The owner is putting his stamp on the franchise after buying full control over it in 2010.

Let's get caught up on the news and what the chattering classes are saying about the news out at Rams Park.

Next Rams coach is likely to have experience - Rams owner Stan Kroenke indicated that he prefers to hire a head coach with some experience. Also, there's no formula for whether or not the Rams plan to hire a coach or GM first, despite reports otherwise.

Ax fell quickly on Spagnuolo and Devaney - Jim Thomas at the PD recaps the firings. More notably, Stan Kroenke speaks, pointing out the fact this is indeed a "results-oriented business."

Bernie Bytes: A look at the Rams' shakeup - Bernie Miklasz weighs-in on the firings of Spagnuolo and Devaney. Besides the obvious, that no team can allow a 10-38 record, Bernie points out the fact that Spagnuolo got distracted by so many non-football things, firing managers, trainers and worrying about control over parts of the building he didn't need to concern himself with.

Burwell: What's on Kroenke's mind? - Bryan Burwell isn't pleading for the Kroenke to retain Spagnuolo this morning, and I wonder if he'll ever speak of his argument that the Rams should have kept him? He does talk to Stan Kroenke, who explains his rationale.

Lovie Smith non-committal on Martz’s future - Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz could be on the hot seat right now. Head coach Lovie Smith refused to offer any kind of endorsement following the season's end.