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Rams GM Search Continues, Surrounded By Questions About Roster Control

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The St. Louis Rams search for a general manager took a back seat to the team's effort of luring Jeff Fisher. Now, with Fisher on board, the search has begun again in earnest for an executive to replace Billy Devaney. Several possibilities have been mentioned and a couple candidates went through interviews this weekend. The National Football Post reports that the arrangements made for coach Fisher are limiting the GM search.

An update on the GM search and some updated info about a GM candidate, after the jump.

From Dan Pompei in the National Football Post on Sunday:

One of the reasons the Rams general manager search is moving slowly is the team is a little limited by the fact they aren't offering control of the 53-man roster. As a result, other teams can block the Rams from hiring someone who is under contract, such as Lake Dawson.

The exact arrangements between the new GM and Fisher have never been stated outright. However, it has been said that Fisher doesn't want to be the GM, per se, he just wants to make sure his voice is heard in the personnel process, i.e. he doesn't want to get stuck with another Vince Young.

As for the GM candidates, Pompei points out two names in consideration, Mike Ackerley, recently with the Texans, and Rich Snead. That's not to be confused with Les Snead, an Atlanta front office man who had a second interview today.

There have been several reports of Rich Snead in consideration, but that's not the case. Rich Snead worked for the Raiders from 2007-2009, following a stint with the Titans as director of player personnel. He actually worked for the Rams as a scout in 2010 and 2011.

When asked about Rich Snead as a GM candidate, Rams COO Kevin Demoff told TST that Snead "may return as a pro scout" this year.

The rumor mill may be wrong on this one, shocking, I know.