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NFL Free Agent Rumors: NFC West Quarterback Upgrades Coming In 2012?

And the winner of this year's Kevin Kolb Award is ...
And the winner of this year's Kevin Kolb Award is ...

Quarterback Sam Bradford was one reason the NFC West was supposed to belong to the St. Louis Rams in 2011. Obviously, things did not work out that way, for various reasons. Bradford's unofficial status as the division's best quarterback could be slipping. Following rumors of Peyton Manning's possible arrival in the division, Matt Flynn of the Packers could land here as well.

In an interview with ESPN in Milwaukee, Aaron Rodgers noted the possibility of Flynn landing in Seattle. The Seahawks general manager is John Schneider, who left the Packers to take his current gig. He also shares a name with the actor who played Bo Duke on television's love note to Nixon's vision of the South.

Is Flynn a better quarterback than Bradford? No. But, it certainly would make the division more competitive. Seattle finished 7-9 last season, and not in a flukey way similar to their 7-9 finish in 2010.

Many still see Miami as the likely destination for Flynn, Rodgers included, following their hire of Joe Philbin, the Packers former offensive coordinator.

Though it makes it tougher, it's good for the Rams and the other teams if the overall level of competition rises in the NFC West. It's about time.