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Random Ramsdom 1/27


Hey everybody! Long time no see! I've been busy adjusting back to my college schedule but have no worries! I'll be getting back into the fold and get some post up for y'all. For now, let's get to the links.

What does "first tier" mean?

Matthew Hataway from had an article trying to make sense of what being a "first tier" stadium actually means. I recommend reading the full article for better details, but basically there are 14 categories that are being used to measure the Dome, and to be a first tier facility, it must place in the top 25% in each category. It's really difficult to judge what that even means. How good is top 25%? It still seems very unlikely that the Dome will pass this test.

Patrick Rishe, a sports economist at Webster University, said while the CVC might be able to satisfy some portions of the first-tier requirement, "I doubt very seriously that, without significant investment of let's say $200 to $300 million at least, the Edward Jones Dome could qualify overall."

Pro Bowl Tweeting

FYI, the Pro Bowl is this weekend. Many find this game a waste of time, but the NFL is trying to spruce it up by allowing the players to tweet on the sidelines at the game. If only Chad Ochocinco wasn't horrible now....

It's up to St. Louis to keep the team

Will from Ramsherd reminds us that it's not up to Stan Kroenke to stop the team from moving to LA or London; it's up to the city of St. Louis. The ball is in their court and it has been this entire time. The proposal about possible renovations to the Dome is due February 1st. The city will have to decide how much they want to keep the Rams in St. Louis, because if they propose a fair offer to Kroenke; one that is at least competitive with the lure of LA, and would allow for the development of a new stadium, Missouri native Stan Kroenke will keep the team in St. Louis in all likelihood.

Is the SB really a rematch of 2007?

Shalise Young of the Boston Hereld points out that of the 106 players in the 2007 game, only 23 remain. Yes the quarterbacks and the head coaches are the same, but the teams have both changed drastically in four years.

That's all for today. Have a good one and GO RAMS!!