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Assessing the Needs of the St. Louis Rams for 2012

About a year ago, I asked our battalion (or have we entered brigade status?) of readers what they thought the biggest needs for the Rams were with the 2010 season behind us.

It's that time again.

After the jump, you'll find a form where you rank each position from 1-10 (10 meaning we desperately need help, 1 meaning no changes are needed whatsoever).

How do you grade the Rams offensive tackles? Rodger Saffold has the look of a capable young player, but should Jason Smith be in the team's long-term plans? Guard and center are also going to be interesting positions to analyze?

How about defensive tackles and outside linebackers? Are they both 10's? I'll definitely be watching how the safety votes come in...

What about the specialists? Do Donnie Jones and Josh Brown still deserve our confidence?