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NFL Rumors: Could Peyton Manning End Up In The NFC West?

Peyton Manning's future looks murky. The Colts seem intent on moving on, and Manning himself sounds like he knows it's over in Indianapolis. Many expect him to be released before the Colts are on the hook for a $28 million bonus due in early March. There's the possibility that the St. Louis Rams could be seeing more of Manning in the near future.

Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network reported on Tuesday that the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals could both be potential landing spots for Manning. This was the same report in which he cited sources who believe Washington will make an offer for the Rams' second pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Arizona would have to do some serious work to its offensive line, if the part about his likely destinations needing to have solid pass protection is true. But they do have a nice pairing in Larry Fitzgerald. Seattle's offensive line is pretty good thanks to a focus on that in recent drafts.

Trading down would give the Rams to really bolster their depth charts. If Manning does end up in the division, they damn well better think about their secondary.