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Done Deal - Brian Schottenheimer Hired as Rams' New OC

Well, the hints and speculation of a few hours ago are no longer - per just about anybody talking about the Rams today, they've hired Brian Schottenheimer to head the offense for the Rams in 2012.

Interestingly enough, in that last link:

According to league sources, it was a close call between Schottenheimer and Hue Jackson.

Take that for what it's worth, Hue fans.

Nevertheless, a team that saw most of its leadership blown up at the hands of "Silent Ninja Assassin Sniper Guy" Stan Kroenke now has a head coach in place with both coordinators on board. Fisher still has a couple spots to fill out on the sidelines, including a QB coach; maybe of more importance is the search for a new general manager, which Tony Softli, member of the Missouri Mustache Mafia, ssaid earlier today will intensify after next week.

And while Van posted a similar poll this week, I figured it'd be useful to revisit to see if attitude's toward Sawed-Off Shotty™ have changed.