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Brian Schottenheimer Reported to "Likely" Be Rams New OC (UPDATED)

Leaving just enough room for speculation and uncertainty, the NFL media don himself, SI's Peter King, dropped this tweet last night (h/t to Smiff620):

This comes nearly a full week after reported the deal to be seemingly all but done.

Doug has already done some leg work to dig up some info across SB Nation, and Van opened the floor for discussion this week as well (although looking at the poll, I think Rams fans are firmly rooted in a "wait and see" response to the hire).

I'll take a bit of a different tack, one that certainly has a precedent to follow. One year ago, the Rams hired Josh McDaniels to be their next OC. With hopes of an explosive offense that "stressed" areas of the field, Rams fans were excited to bring on a coordinator who had managed explosive offenses that provided firepower drive in, drive out. It never happened.

Still, the imprint left by Josh McDaniels on the Rams isn't schematic - it's the personnel decisions he effected in the 2011 NFL Draft.

With Robert Quinn in the Rams' pocket after day 1, the Rams went after three passing targets in rounds 2-4. The additions of TE Lance Kendricks and WRs Austin Pettis and Greg Salas squeezed out former picks Donnie Avery and Mardy Gilyard.

Going into draft season with his OC and DC intact, Fisher has an early test with the combine and leading up to the 2012 NFL Draft...especially since the Rams are yet to select a GM to run the front office.

The early returns on Jeff Fisher, and Brian Schottenheimer, could well depend on how they approach the re-tooling of an offense that was as inept and ineffective as you'll ever see.

(update from 3k at 12:35ET)

Looks like a confirmation to me.