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Fisher Says Rams Offense Will Suit Sam Bradford

Jeff Fisher, the new head coach of the St. Louis Rams, has yet to hire his offensive coordinator. Despite that, he has already promised fans that whatever offense his team runs will suit third-year quarterback Sam Bradford.

Fisher told Mike Florio on the Dan Patrick Show Friday morning that he and the quarterback talked offensive philosophy in the days since Fisher was hired. Fisher laid out his own preferences for an offense, conservative, and said that he and Bradford were in agreement as to that approach. The coach also expressed his belief in Bradford's talent.

That should assuage the worries of some about Bradford playing in his third offense in three years. Fisher's offenses have always leaned toward the more conservative approach. Mike Heimerdinger convinced him to open things up a little, throwing down the field more and using more play action, but it was never anything out of the Josh McDaniels or Mike Martz approach. Ideally, Fisher's handling of the offense would be somewhere between Spagnuolo's tight-fisted approach and that of a more aggressive unit.

Listening to Fisher talk about Bradford, it's pretty clear that he not only believes in his quarterback but also understands his situation. Fisher needs Bradford to be successful, and isn't going to run an offense in a way that makes it more difficult for Bradford to succeed.

Both Brian Schottenheimer and Hue Jackson are currently the only candidates for the OC job. Fisher restated his desire to move more deliberately rather than speedy in his hiring. A report yesterday had Fisher expected to make a decision by the end of the weekend about his next OC.