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Rams To Play In London; Fan Reaction

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News broke this morning that the St. Louis Rams would play one home game in each of the next three seasons in London. The reaction has been mixed among fans, particularly fans in St. Louis where the little matter of the team's lease remains unanswered.

Some are displeased that the Rams will lose one of their home games in each of the next three seasons. Season ticket holders seem to be the most upset with that news. However, the team will refund season ticket holders for the London game.

For others, the news the chance for increased visibility. For the Rams, it's the chance to make a little more money, and increase their exposure.

Of course, the biggest issue on the minds of fans is how this factors into the ongoing discussion over the Rams' lease on the Ed Jones Dome and the potential for the team to flee the market. We'll have more on that issue later today. For now, let's get the pulse of Rams Nation.