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2011-12 Bowls: Late Bowl Open Thread

TicketCity Bowl logo

Rose Bowl (Wisconsin v. Oregon), 5:00pm - ESPN

This one's already in the 2nd quarter, but better late than never. The Badgers have one of the best offensive lines in the country, and given the play of the Rams' line this year early on when healthy, it makes sense that this would be a good unit to poach. Guard Kevin Zeitler's the only senior, but C Peter Konz and OT Ricky Wagner both look the part of NFL players. Scarily enough, G Travis Frederick might be the best of the bunch as just a redshirt sophomore.

Oregon on the other hand has plenty of speed on both sides of the ball. And as De'Anthony Thomas' 91-yard TD shows, speed kills. Thomas is just a freshman; LaMichael James, however, is a junior and as you can see on the MTD underclassmen tracker, he's coming to the NFL. The Rams haven't paired Steven Jackson with a quick-fire speed back since drafting him; James might finally be the complement to AxJax the Rams have been sorely lacking.

Rams player of interest: Peter Konz, Wisconsin C (RS Jr.) just slightly ahead of LaMichael James, Oregon RB (RS Jr.)

Final score: Oregon 42, Wisconsin 23 (and no, judging by that first quarter, my prediction doesn't look good)

Outback Bowl logo

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl (Stanford v. Oklahoma St.), 8:30pm - ESPN

Stanford QB Andrew Luck and OT Jonathan Martin along with OSU WR Justin Blackmon -- there's a decent chance that you could see three of the top five picks in the 2012 NFL Draft in this game alone. And there's plenty of talent on the board after those three. Guys like Oklahoma St. FS Markelle Martin, OT Levy Adcock and QB Brandon Weeden all have a shot at factoring in the second round. For the Cardinal (and yes, it's Cardinal not Cardinals), TE Coby Fleener, G David DeCastro and OLB Chase Thomas could all be gone before day 3.

Rams player of interest: Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma St. WR (RS Jr.)

Final score: Stanford 51, Oklahoma St. 45