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Josh McDaniels not fired yet says Kevin Demoff. What it means.

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Kevin Demoff said in the Rams press conference that Josh McDaniels was the only assistant coach who has not been fired. He said that both sides will take time to look at their options and make the best decision for both parties.

What this actually means is that the Rams organization isn't set on weather or not to fire Josh McDaniels just yet and they would rather have that decision be left to the new coach and GM.

Some reasons to support keeping Josh McDaniels are that he is a guy who has had amazing success in the NFL, but most with the Patroits and Tom Brady, and the offense he constructed in Denver wasn't too shabby. Furthermore, Sam Bradford would be in his third offensive system in the same number of NFL years and this could hurt his career (a la, Alex Smith).

On the other hand, the Rams were easily the worst offense in the league in his first year as coordinator. They scored less than 200 points on the season and at times had very questionable decisions, such as he failure to adequately use Steven Jackson in the red zone.

There are three scenarios that could happen with Josh McDaniels and the Rams:

1. The Rams hire a new coach and GM that decide they want to continue to have Josh as the offensive coordinator.

2. Josh McDaniels is offered another position and he decides that it would be best for his career to move on from the Rams and Sam Bradford. The Chiefs are a speculated destination for McDaniels.

3. The Rams new coach and GM decides they would be better off without Josh and let him go. This could happen because the Rams hire a offensive coach who would obviously want to install his own system. Another possible way is the new coach want to hire a coordinator that fits what he offensive system he prefers or one that he feel more comfortable with.

Time will tell if Josh McDaniels is with the Rams in 2012, but to be clear, not decision has been made yet on that subject by the St. Louis Rams.