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St. Louis Rams Will Interview Jeff Fisher This Week

The St. Louis Rams will interview Jeff Fisher this week for the head coaching job. That's what Peter King said on the debut episode of NBC Sports Talk on the NBC Sports Network, formerly Versus, on Monday.

Fisher has been the subject of rumors for some time, but this is the first confirmation that the Rams will actually interview Fisher for the head coaching job. The vacancy in St. Louis in considered to be one of the premier coaching vacancies in the league this year. The Rams have a franchise quarterback in place as well as a good salary cap situation that will, for now, leave them with an estimated $40-45 million in cap room come 2013.

Through various media whispers it's been suggested that Fisher wants a coaching job with a team that has a quarterback in place. Read: he doesn't want to go through a complete rebuild. A quick turnaround would be mutually beneficial, allowing the Rams to re-establish a winning footprint in St. Louis.

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