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St. Louis Rams Press Conference, Live Video

It's been a busy day for the St. Louis Rams. Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo and General Manager Billy Devaney were dismissed of their duties today. Subsequent reports have said that the entire coaching staff has been let go too, but that news has not been confirmed by the Rams. A 3:00 p.m. press conference should provide some answers to those question and more information about the next steps for the team. Team COO & Executive Vice President of Football Operation Kevin Demoff will answer questions at 3:30 p.m.

You can watch the press conference live right here, embedded video after the help your load times a bit.

If you're looking for more insight on the rumors about Jeff Fisher or other potential replacements, you'll be disappointed. The team isn't going to speak to that; they can't, for reasons that should be relatively obvious. What we can hope for is some insight into the team's thinking about a replacement, particularly the timeline of the coaching and GM search, which will be paramount to getting the team ready for free agency and the draft.

Ok, video below the jump. We'll have more following the presser. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @TurfShowTimes for live updates, questions, etc.

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