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Van Bibber's Evil Hoard Falls in Last Week of the NFL Weekly Picks against the Point Spread

Team TST Wins! Team TST Wins!

I'm reminded of Doug Flute's "hail-Mary" pass in the final seconds against the University of Miami... Why? Well, because Team TST came from behind last weekend to win the NFL Weekly Picks against the point spread regular season title! I was totally stunned by the almost mythical Mike D's stubble in the last week of the season.

I'd like to give a big shout out to Team TST members Taosman, Rick Siegel, dbcouver, RanBuck, Sergey606, RG31, RAMpage28 from our Turf Show Times community . I'd also like to thank my visiting "ringers": Best Selling author Norb Vonnegut and "Kuhl" from Acme Packing Company. Together, we overcame the lord's of darkness led by Ryan Van Bibber, and 3k, as well as their demonic minions: Mike D., ram_rod, Brick Top and T. Ram.

Now it's time to move into the playoff round. By virtue of our top season win percentage of 53.52%, we will have the #1 overall pick in the first ever TST Playoff Fantasy Football League. I'll be looking for help to evaluate players and make picks in an upcoming LIVE draft later this week. Each Team will be picking - 3 QBs - 5 RBs - 7 WRs - 3 TEs - 3 Kickers - 3 Def/ST. Each week, the teams will set a line up that includes 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 K, and 1 Def/ST. As their player's NFL teams lose, the players are removed from the FF rosters and will not be replaced. In the draft, no one will be allowed to pick players who are on the same team in consecutive rounds.

The Official Draft Order and final win/loss tallies after the break...

1st pick - Team TST

2nd pick - Mike D

3rd pick - Ryan

4th pick - Brick Top

The Draft will be this week before the first playoff game.

***A simple cover by the winning team is a win, no ties here based on spread***

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Ryan 3k DouglasM ram_rod Brick Top T. Ram Mike D Consensus
Season Rec. 123 - 118 111 - 130 129 -112 114 - 127 116 - 125 108 - 133 126 - 114 827 - 859
Win % YTD 51.03% 46.05% 53.52% 47.30% 48.13% 44.81% 52.5% 49.05%
Last Week 8 - 8 6 - 10 11- 5 7 - 9 8 - 8 6 - 10 6 - 10 52 - 60