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Rams Fired Steve Spagnuolo, Josh McDaniels And Entire Coaching Staff, Per Report

The St. Louis Rams fired head coach Steve Spagnuolo and general manager Billy Devaney on Monday morning. Their 10-38 record over the last three years was too much to accept in a results-oriented business. According to a report from Tony Softli, the firings didn't stop there, the entire coaching staff and even the strength coach have been canned.

Firing the assistants along with a head coach is not unheard of in the NFL. Tampa Bay did that today with Raheem Morris and his staff. Spagnuolo hired the Rams coaching staff, except for offensive line coach Steve Loney. Loney's time in St. Louis began in 2008 as a replacement for Art Valero. Given the performance of the offensive line, or most other position groups, it's not a surprise that the assistant coaches would be fired.

The firing would include, we assume based on the info from Softli, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, hired this year to breath some life into a dull Rams offense. Instead, the Rams had the worst offense in the NFL this season.

McDaniels has been rumored as a leading candidate for the offensive coordinator job in Kansas City, reuniting him with fellow New England alum Scott Pioli. He might also end up back in New England if the current Patriots offensive coordinator, Bill O'Brien takes the Penn State job, as has been rumored.