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Rams Have Started Search For Head Coach, General Manager & A Rumor Round Up

The St. Louis Rams fired Steve Spagnuolo and Billy Devaney this morning. It was a move many anticipated after the team combined for a 10-38 record over the last three seasons. Not long after making the announcement official, the Rams confirmed that the search for a new head coach and general manager has already started.

As for now, the team's statement that the search for replacements has started is the only thing confirmed. It's all rumor and speculation at this point. Let's take a moment to review what's currently out there on the rumor mill.

Only one name has surfaced as a potential GM, and that's Chargers' incumbent A.J. Smith. There's been some push back to those rumors; many believe that Smith may have had a hand in it as part of an effort to save his own skin in San Diego.

The A.J. Smith report also contained talk of Smith and Jon Gruden being a two-for-one deal. That rumor got stuffed back into the hole almost immediately, and for good when Gruden said that he planned to stick around in the ESPN broadcasting booth next year. Gruden could still change his mind.

Jeff Fisher is the one rumor that has legs so far. Don Banks said last week that Fisher would be a candidate. Banks also cited a source who said that Devaney could stick around. The Fisher rumors got more fuel this morning when Jason LaCanfora reported that the Rams are expected to be suitors for the former Titans head coach.

A more recent name to enter the rumor mill is former Packers head coach Mike Sherman. Cliff Saunders at 101 ESPN reported that rumor this morning.

On the air this morning, Michael Lombardi and LaCanfora reported that the Rams could hire an established head coach first and then find a young general manager candidate. One name they mentioned was Les Snead, the Atlanta Falcons' Director of Player Personnel. Stan Kroenke and Falcons owner Arthur Blank are firends. The last Rams general manager, Billy Devaney, came from the Falcons prior to landing in St. Louis.

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