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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Rams Try It Again

The fine folks at SB Nation have rolled out their first postseason 2012 NFL mock draft, reflecting the draft order for non-playoff teams. The St. Louis Rams pick second in the draft this year. What they will do with that pick should provide ample conversation as the months go by leading up the draft.

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And how did things shape up in this mock draft?

Naturally, Andrew Luck went first overall to the Colts. As for the Rams, they hopefully found their next left tackle, a guy to fill the void left by Orlando Pace, something Jason Smith failed to do. Rodger Saffold is just too overmatched to last on the left side, as this season revealed. So it's Matt Kalil for the Rams.

Steve Spagnuolo and Billy Devaney are gone, reportedly. Those two drafted Jason Smith with the second overall pick in 2009, but Smith has been a bust, with many questioning whether or not he has the passion required for an offensive lineman in the NFL. Kalil has passion and the skills to match. This pick could be an attractive trading chip to quarterback needy teams like Cleveland, Miami and Washington. The Rams could certainly use additional draft picks to plug big holes in their roster.

The real question is whether or not the Rams can trade that pick. With the Vikings picking third and already having a quarterback, teams may simply just target that spot.

If the Rams do keep that pick, there will be some debate about whether or not to take Kalil or Justin Blackmon, a much needed wide receiver. What do you think?