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The Quick Five: Rams vs. 49ers Recap

It's just been one of those years. The Rams, who will be looking for another head coach in the offseason, came up short in fitting Rams fashion in the final blip of the 2011 season. After miraculously coming back to within one score, the Rams found themselves with the ball after an impressive three and out by the defense. Down to the final down of the year, the play signified everything that was the Rams in 2011. With Kellen Clemens, the third string QB out with an ankle injury, the Rams turned to the untested Tom Brandstater to save the game and possibly Steve Spagnuolo's job. The result? A dropped pass, and one less head coach to worry about.

With that, the Rams season ended.

Survey Says... Object of Interest

Lance Kendricks, TE

What a horrible season he has had. I don't know if he's ever heard of stick'um, but he should probably look into getting some because he can't catch a pass to save his life. If I were his coach next year, I wouldn't let him leave practice until he caught a hundred balls, everyday. Little point in being a pass-catching tight end when you can't catch.


Darian Stewart, DB

For all the bad play and injuries the Rams have had in the secondary, they have had one bright spot: Darian Stewart. He's quickly become one of the Rams best defensive players and is easily the best 'steal' this front office has ever had. He was everywhere yesterday and is easily one of the defensive leaders on the team.


Brandon Lloyd, WR

If rumors are true, he has played into a nice mid-length contract with the Kansas City Chiefs. He has certainly done the most with nothing on this offense, and the Rams rental of him (should McDaniels leave, which appears to be only a matter of when) didn't cost them much. It'll be sad to see him go, if that is the case.


Chris Chamberlain, OLB

Chamberlain finished off the season in style, with 79 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 INT and 1 FF. Even though he isn't a unstoppable force, he has played well enough this year to secure his starting status, unless someone new joins the team. At the very least he's a great depth player with experience both on defense and special teams. I don't think he's going anywhere.


St. Louis Rams

This was supposed to be the year. After so many failed coaches (Mike Martz, Joe Vitt, Scott Linehan, Jim Haslett and now Steve Spagnuolo), the Rams were finally ready to take that leap into relevancy. Instead, we are left with more questions. Can all of the players even return after their injuries? Can the new coaches get anything out of this expensive offensive line? Can Sam Bradford snap out of his funk?

What should have been a fun, exciting year of football turned into a four month nightmare. Good riddance and goodbye, 2011 Rams.